Colegio Bilingüe en la zona Sur de Monterrey que ofrece:
Colegio Bilingüe en la zona Sur de Monterrey que ofrece:
Ubicación: Av. Revolución 1090 Sur Col. Contry, Monterrey, N.L., México,

Tel. Oficina (81) 1100-2130    Tel. WhatsApp. 81 1501-8253

Ubicación: Av. Revolución 1090 Sur Col. Contry, Monterrey, N.L., México,

The first years of education are the most important in a young child´s life that is why we are committed in putting all our effort in contributing to the intellectual, social and emotional development of our students, assuring the elaboration of a positive self-image and to acquire personal autonomy in a stimulating educational environment.

We understand the importance between the splits from the family to integration into school life, so that is why we create a climate of serenity, affection and trust in which we make sure our students feel safe and make the adaptation process easier.

Our institute provides children from the age of 2 with the educational experiences proper to their age level, fortifying academic and formative aspects.

Values are considered essential in the development of human beings; the Nexus Institute follows the principles of universal ethics and supports our students hand in hand so they can develop the values that will be imprinted to their actions, allowing them to live their lives in harmony and peace.   

  We encourage collaborative work to promote leadership, tolerance, self-regulation and flexibility, important aspects of coexistence among peers.

Students work 80% of the academic curriculum in developing English Language skill such as reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, video projector, internet, audio system, cameras, and intercom. This cutting-edge technology allows learning to take place in a dynamic and interactive manner using software that is suited to each age group.

This space is designed for the child's motor development. These basic motor skill activities such as running, marching, jumping, crawling, climbing up or down are essential in the early years of life, helping the emotional balance and self esteem. Promoting a positive impact in their ability to concentrate and relate to others.

Innovated technology within the reach of children.

The computer lab is equipped with special keyboards designed appropriately for Nursery students for easy handling and making learning attractive, easy and fun.

The use of technology enables the development of mental processes, fine coordination, active participation, communication and socialization.

Having a computer classroom specially designed for children 2 years and older, Nexus is an innovating school.

Music considered within the educational process allows us to develop children’s communicational skills, express feelings, sensations and emotions while reproducing rhythms, songs or images. Music and movement are closely related that is why it is important to encourage and motivate the younger students within the music class to improve their fine and gross motor skills in a fun and active way.

We offer parents an online look of the classroom providing them with trust and confidence during class hours.

Classrooms are equipped with an air-conditioning and heating system which provides our students with a comfortable atmosphere for the learning process.

Within the classroom there is a nurse who helps the students in any health situation as well as sphincters control.

  • R.O.A.R (Readers On Adventures in Reading)
  • Super Kid
  • Positive Discipline
  • Eduspark