Colegio Bilingüe en la zona Sur de Monterrey que ofrece:
Colegio Bilingüe en la zona Sur de Monterrey que ofrece:
Ubicación: Av. Revolución 1090 Sur Col. Contry, Monterrey, N.L., México,

Tel. Oficina (81) 1100-2130    Tel. WhatsApp. 81 1501-8253

Ubicación: Av. Revolución 1090 Sur Col. Contry, Monterrey, N.L., México,

After School Activities


The “After School Activities” promote discipline and enhance both athletic and fine arts skills. This program gives our students the opportunity to develop their skills, interests, and talents. It develops discipline and self-control and gives students the opportunity to practice their social skills. Being part of a competitive group gives them a sense of belonging through reaching their common goals practicing their ethical values.



Students who participate in the Banda de Guerra feel an enhanced a patriotic and civic attitude. It also promotes self-esteem and opens new perspectives of life styles. Playing musical instruments helps students develop discipline, motor coordination, and improves their skill to follow rhythms.


Music plays a very important role in brain development. Students who study piano develop their critical thinking, abstract reasoning, hand eye coordination, and fine motor skills.


This kind of dance is a complete exercise for the whole body. Break dancing allows its participants to build strength in the arms, legs, and upper body at the same time as building resistance. Students learn complex yet amusing routines.


Dancing is artistic expression, a form of communication, and a social activity. Participating in dancing classes is beneficial in the development of young girls, as it helps fulfill their need to express their feelings through the movement of their bodies. They start learning how to plan the sequence of movements, how to integrate music through the understanding of their body, and aids them in discovering the multiple capacities of movement.


Jazz class is an art in which you can develop discipline, perseverance, and build endurance, strength and flexibility in the dancer´s body. Jazz classes teach a series of routines in which the dancer injects energy to their movements following different musical genres. Jazz or Modern dancing is different from many other traditional dances, as it promotes freedom of expression and individuality. Joining a dance class also forms strong social ties and contributes in the development of high self-esteem.


Considered an Olympic Sport, TKD has become a life style, as well as an instrument that helps achieve physical and mental equilibrium. The fundaments of this marshal art make it a fascinating discipline. Among its benefits are: the development of coordination, flexibility, muscular force, high self-esteem and confidence.


Chess is a board game that develops and challenges the human brain. Playing chess helps students improve critical thinking, attention span, decision making, and mental agility. In addition, chess generates abilities in English and Mathematics.


Students that are involved in this sport benefit in several different ways. They develop their cardiovascular capacity, enhance muscular force, and stimulate their reaction time and peripheral vision. Team sports like soccer also help students learn teamwork and to socialize.


As in any other competitive sport, basketball acts as a valuable instrument in the development of children, in which benefits such as mental, physical, and emotional health can be gained. Basketball helps form a sense of individual responsibility inside a group, team-working skills, an understanding of the necessity for rules, and the capacity to be a “good sport”.