Colegio Bilingüe en la zona Sur de Monterrey que ofrece: Maternal Kinder Primaria Secundaria

Ubicación: Av. Revolución 1090 Sur Col. Contry, Monterrey, N.L., México,

Tel. Oficina (81) 1100-2130 Tel. WhatsApp. 81 1501-8253

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Our programs are designed keeping in mind that each of our students is unique with different abilities and potential capacities that are our responsibility to detect and develop.  The program offers activities that captivate the attention of our students in order for them to have different opportunities to actively participate and build the foundations to continue developing as active learners.

Our program also includes activities such as music, sports, computers, and values that permit a comprehensive development.

Our teachers plan their activities focusing on the students to offer significant learning experiences in which our students develop key cognitive abilities and have the opportunity to excel at a personal, social, and academic level.

The programs in upper elementary offer our students opportunities to further explore the concepts that were introduced in the lower elementary level.  The subject matter learned at this level is studied more in-depth while students continue developing reading and writing skills. Students are encouraged to do teamwork and generate their own evaluations in order for them to develop independence, responsibility, and collaboration.

At this level our program also includes disciplines such as music, sports, computers, and values that permit a comprehensive development.

As an institution dedicated to education, our commitment is to put in motion the process of innovation by means of a quality system.  Our leadership is based on principles and values with a teaching and administration staff that actively participate in and are committed to continually updating their knowledge and skills.

Another of our commitments is to create a pleasant emotional atmosphere, through well established procedures, which facilitates teamwork, teacher-student, and student-student communication promoting at all times harmony, confidence, and respect. From an early age our students participate in classes dedicated to learning values in order to facilitate social interaction amongst their peers and with adults.

Nexus students are taught 80% of the academic curriculum in English and consequently develop oral expression, writing, and comprehension skills in this language. 

Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, video projector, internet, audio system, cameras, and intercom.  This cutting-edge technology allows learning to take place in a dynamic and interactive manner using software that is suited to each age group. 

Our facilities include two totally equipped computer labs with internet access. Each student works individually with a computer while learning about the tools and systems needed for assignments in each subject.

Music, in the education process, is recognized as the foundation of intellect, creativity, mathematical capacity, and spiritual development.  Music allows students to develop abilities to communicate their feelings and affection while reproducing rhythms, developing the imagination, singing, listening, etc. 

Classrooms are equipped with an air-conditioning and heating system which provides our students with a comfortable atmosphere for the learning process.

Our facilities have a full-time nurse that provides support in questions concerning the health of our students. 

  • R.O.A.R (Readers On Adventures in Reading)
  • Time For Kids
  • Positive Discipline
  • Destination Imagination